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I know the challenges, the questions and the concerns that leaders have and I speak their language. This is where I feel at home. I am a great sparring partner and am clearly specialized. My focus and heart’s desire is to help individuals, teams and organizations wake up and actively move in the direction they want to go. As a trainer, coach, HR consultant, recruiter and leader, I bring extensive hands-on experience to work with you to overcome your challenges.

Thanks to the trust of my business partners, I have successfully established myself in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of whether it is a corporate group or a medium-sized company, I inspire my business partners with my dynamism, my way of thinking and my enthusiasm. My clients perceive my approach as maximally goal-oriented and pragmatic. In the cooperation my clients always feel a clear relief, high customer orientation and of course the implementation success.

“I look back on every single day in my career with enthusiasm. No day was like the other and many things went differently than planned. Of course!

I claim that I have seen everything that the keyboard of leadership has in its repertoire. In over 20 years at IKEA, Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Weleda, Triumph and C&A, I have experienced the leadership task & HR work from all sides and in all its facets. Every station in my CV as an HR manager and executive has been exciting, instructive and has made me the EXPERT I am today.“

Claudia Finke, Owner

Seminars, Webinars & Workshops
Seminars, Webinars & Workshops


A change of direction, the development and implementation of a future concept or the re-evaluation and adjustment of existing structures and models are important steps that have a significant impact on your COMPANY’S SUCCESS. The same applies to performance motivation, inspiration for new ideas, adapting to new situations and using collective ideas to achieve the big goals together.

Your EMPLOYEES want to expand their influence, challenge views and opinions, try new things, and take advantage of opportunities for improvement? Your teams still have the chance to build on existing strengths and fully realize potential? Wonderful!

I would be happy to support you in achieving your individual goals with customized TRAININGS (presence and digital) and WORKSHOPS. No concept comes out of the drawer, but is individually tailored to your needs.

I create space for the exchange of ideas and reflection of the participants. The participants receive incentives that inspire them to review their way of thinking and discover new paths. I impart the tools and the best practices that they need in a brief and concise manner. Based on my personal experience, I can help guide the participants in their individual reflections, questioning previous behavioral tendencies and practicing alternatives. The goal is to make the participants curious about taking new approaches and thus to expand their own REPERTOIRE in order to achieve the best possible performance. I ensure what the participants put what they learned into practice. Your employees will have conscious and lasting changes. This pays into the account of CORPORATE SUCCESS.

How do I succeed? I am a practitioner through and through. I utilize my own wealth of experience as an executive and HR manager, as well as a wide variety of methods and models, combined with a great deal of passion, heart and soul.

My Topics for Training Sessions, Live Online Webinars and Workshops:

  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Change & Transformation Support
  • Communication & Conflict Management
  • Employee Selection & Assessment
  • Agile Working Methods
  • Train the Trainer Formats
  • Sales & Negotiation Training

Further Education Courses I Have Attended:

  • Regular Supervision
  • Certified Trainer Training (2003)
  • Certified Coach Training (2012)
  • Facilitative Thinking
  • Agile Change Manager
  • Design Thinker
  • E-Learning Tutor & Webinar Trainer
  • I-type Personality Consultant

I have profound experience in conducting workshops, webinars and trainings in English and I am working for my clients beyond the borders of Europe.

Executive Search
Executive Search


Some people speak of executive search or headhunting. Others say human resources consulting or even recruitment. In any case, I will find the right candidate for your vacancy. Quickly, professionally and discreetly.

My recipe for success are my personal contacts and my network, which I have built up over 25 years with a lot of heart and soul. A large portion of KNOWLEDGE of Human Nature and EXPERTISE, a few pounds of DISCRETION as well as a double pinch of INTUITION and PROFESSIONALITY make the decisive difference.

I have strong relationships with my network and I know most of them in person. Of course, I also market social media and place ads. I translate your job posting so that the most important points are in the foreground. On the one hand, I understand your NEEDS and COMPANY CULTURE exactly because of my professional background in HR. On the other hand, I can give candidates an honest and very clear overview of what they can expect from you.

I always conduct a detailed JOB INTERVIEW with the best candidates and create a confidential report for you after the interview. This is worth its weight in gold for you.

I am in permanent contact with you and the candidates to understand how the process is going and where I can provide SUPPORT at any time. I am happy to share my personal impression at any time and support both contract negotiations. You will feel that you have an absolute PROFESSIONAL on your side.

I only accept mandates that make my heart beat faster.

Business Coaching
Business Coaching


Where do you want to go?

Coaching has the PERSONALITY of the coachee in focus. We humans have numerous RESOURCES (skills, strengths, knowledge, experiences,…). In coaching, these resources are made conscious and put into practice. Coaching is a very efficient method, in which the coachee determines the GOAL that should be achieved and then the coach controls the process and asks the right questions throughout the process. The coach helps the coachee to build or develop specific SKILLS through individual counseling. This is about SELF REFLECTION and helping people to help themselves.

Coaching is especially important in situations that are very challenging, then important decisions are pending or even the career is in danger. Coaching offers the CHANCE to master the situation until the coachee is SATISFIED with it. This way coachees can set themselves up according to their needs in the future.

As a coach I help with the following issues:

  • Personality Development
  • Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Self-Management
  • Professional Reorientation
  • Career Planning
  • Change to Another Position
  • Onboarding
  • Re- and Restructuring
  • Change Management and Transformation

Compulsory or Freestyle

Never before has the ability to change been as important for the sustainable SUCCESS of companies as it is today. Digital transformation, globalization and demographic trends resulted in the need to radically change the business models of many industries. Indeed the often quoted 70% of all change management projects do not always fail, but 100% of all change management projects are very challenging and have their pitfalls. No CHANGE is like another, – each one is a work of art in itself. And no sooner is one change project completed than the next one follows. We live in a world of constant change, which is becoming ever more rapid.

As a managing director or human resources manager, you need to quickly, pragmatically and effectively design and implement the BEST IN-CLASS SOLUTION for challenges of all kinds. However, internal resources are almost always very scarce, so I am happy to support you as a strong PARTNER in the design and implementation of PROJECTS.

I deliver the individual solution for your task!